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Lynnell Edwards

Lynnell Edwards is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently This Great Green Valley(Broadstone 2020) and the forthcoming The Bearable Slant of Light (Ren Hen Press, 2023). She is Associate Programs Director for the Spalding University Graduate School of Writing and MFA program, and book reviews editor for Good River Review.

Medical history #2

        Me: I think there’s a lot of trauma he has to process

        Dr. K: Did something happen?!

The   hospital    happened             the    involuntary    happened             the 

injectables happened        they had to rip his shirtsleeve           the doctors 

the nurses the residents the techs happened                  the other patients 

some of them pacing in the hall and loud                              the first attempt 

happened    the one-on-one happened    the eeg happened                   the 

ambulance happened                       cnone of this is in any kind of order you 

understand      the restraints and psychosis       the overdoses and

noncompliance              the   catatonia   the   mania   happened               the 

loneliness  the  isolation  happened           so  many  many  different  meds 

the  assessments  and  telehealth  happened                   more ambulances 

happened  the  courts  happened               the  second  attempt happened

the social workers happened                            the intensive outpatients and 

treatment teams and therapists happened                    six years  happened

he won’t get them back

Walgreens: At the corner of happy and healthy

You can get a Halloween costume         like ninja or army guy         a 

santa hat for the secret santa party          decorations for your tree 

you can buy a new charger for your phone       in case the one that 

came with broke        you can get a 12 pack        or whiskey          and 

cokes to mix with                         you can buy a blank journal for your

thoughts and journaling       and to draw       you can buy  vitamin b 

complex         for stress         you can buy a ton of sharpies              or

melatonin             every color or just one color 8 pack          and tape

you can pick up your meds         they send you a text     you can get 

mixed nuts in a can or a bag with other stuff                        they have

padlocks           or if you need more shampoo            or half and half 

powerades     they have a refrigerated section     also coffee     not

already made but that you can fix        you can get soup             and 

bandaids         they’re open all the time      you can get  sunglasses 

or just the case        sometimes theres a homeless guy in front

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